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Advanced Diagnostic Card

  • Reports and provides solutions to POST code errors
  • Monitors and isolates system failure causes before and after the POST
  • 3-digit display provides specific solution codes
  • Manual clearly explains solutions to every POST code
  • Analyzes 16 critical system and BUS signals
  • Works even when the CPU is down
  • Continues to monitor for potential failures after the POST

The Next Generation of POST Cards!
POSTPlus is the FIRST diagnostic tool that isolates the causes of lockups, intermittent failures, dead systems and other hardware problems...and tells you how to fix them! While other POST cards merely provide limited information regarding POST failures or BUS signals that a technician has to interpret, the POSTPlus Solution Card goes beyond just reporting POST code errors. POSTPlus provides you with the actual solutions to any problems it discovers. In addition, POSTPlus monitors and isolates the causes of system failures prior to and after the POST! A 3-digit display provides specific solutions codes which are clearly explained, in plain English, in the user's manual. Because of its on-board processor, POSTPlus works even if the PC system or other POST code readers will not!

POSTPlus is rich in features designed to get you up and running

Features Include:

Identifies boot failures instantly and analyzes a system before the POST begins, even if the system CPU isn't working! Because of its on-board processor (MC68705), the POSTPlus works even if the PC system or other POST code readers will not!
Automatically reads POST codes from any BIOS listed in the manual and displays those codes (even if you don't know what kind of BIOS you have) and can even be customized for future BIOS designs!
POST codes are clearly explained in plain English within the manual along with actual solutions to any problems detected during the POST.
Shows a sequential history of the last 5 POST Codes generated by the system under test, this can be very useful for many systems with a non-standard BIOS.
Analyzes 16 critical system and BUS signals that can cause lock-up even before the POST! All tests are displayed as a precise 3-digit Solution Code.
Detects problems with the power supply if the positive voltages vary more than 5%, or the negative voltages exceed 10%, and then gives you the exact detail as a solution code. Strictly adheres to IBM standards. Identifies power problems as actual voltage levels, not just pass/fail lights!
The POSTPlus CPU contains a built-in program to monitor and detect problems with the 'Power-Good' signal -- a common cause of random re-booting.
Auto-detect feature eliminates the hassle of jumper settings.
First diagnostic board to test PCI motherboards as well as ISA and EISA providing analysis of the 5 most critical PCI BUS signals.
Displays the actual speed of the PCI BUS directly on the 3-digit display in either MHz or MIPS.
After POST and once the system is up and running, POSTPlus continues to monitor and analyze the BUS signals, CPU, Power and BUS Lines for any problems that can cause a lock-up, random re-booting or other intermittent failure. Any problems encountered will produce a 3-digit Solution Code that is clearly displayed in the user's manual with it's solution.
Includes advanced logic probe to monitor any signal you choose.

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